Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wonder Dog

So the little dog is now staying at Kamikaze's vet downtown. I really like the vet, and knew he was a good guy when he let me feed a litter of kittens with an eye-dropper last spring. He'd found the kittens under a car near his animal hospital. The local pet store where Wonder Dog had been staying is owned by a guy I'm not terribly fond of. He would have no problem putting little Wonder Dog back out on the street. He seemed so put out at having to board the dog in the first place. So, I'm very happy that my little friend is being well cared for at my friendly vet's animal hospital. I'm still looking for someone to adopt him permanently, and the nice lady Vet Assistant assured me that they'll be searching for a home for him as well.

Before I picked Wonder Dog up from the pet store I asked that they give him a wash and a groom. My boss and the pet store guy told me not to bother, it was expensive (20 bucks, which I don't think is too bad) but I figured he should look neat and clean for prospective parents. He smelled so good when they brought him out to me. I bought him a silly little outfit to keep him warm and a nice leash and took him out for an hour long walk around town before we took the bus downtown.

People who would have recoiled at Wonder Dog's appearance (and smell) when I found him all dirty and wet a few days ago were coming up to him and petting his lovely soft fur and exclaiming how pretty and cute he is. He's excellent on a leash and looked like a spunky little mop with his pouffy tail up in the air walking alongside me. If I went to pick him up suddenly he got quite startled and would leap out of the way, which makes me think that perhaps someone had been hitting him before. On the bus he curled up in my arms and watched the view through the window. Occassionally he'd turn his head around to check out the other people on the bus or to give me some kisses. He really seems to like little kids especially.

He's still a puppy, pretty much. The vet estimates he's not much more than a year old. He's not neutered yet, and the Vet Assistant leaned over and confided, "Did you know he only has one ball?" The other one's not descended, so he'll need a little operation to correct that. The vet is going to test him to make sure he's all healthy. The fact that he's young is going to bode well for finding him a nice home.
And it certainly doesn't hurt that he's cute cute cute.

I thought about calling him "One Ball" but decided instead to name him "Wonder."
Because he's Wonderful.

Thank you to Kevin for the shout-out, and to Nomad and Sher for the support. If you are in Korea and think you or anyone you know could include this lovely Wonder Dog in your lives, please do let me know.

I'd really love to have this dog myself.


Allen Mayfield said...

'Wonderball' has a good ring to it.

yonsu said...

You know- being required to sign up for a Google account has really kind of inhibited from posting comments.. but I finally sucked it up.
I just wanted to say that you're such a generous person, Jelly, and it's very admirable. Keep up the blogging, as it's become apart of my daily routine. It is one of the three blogs that I must must must check each day.

Also, I think you should keep the dog. =] He is so cute and you've already invested so much in him.. and I bet he's really comfortable with you. He was found by you for a reason!

sher said...

He's just so adorable. And it would be great if you could keep him!!!!! But, I know it's not always that simple. :)

Jelly said...

Ha ha! Wonderbal sounds very Oasisshey! "But afteralllll, you're my Wonderballlll!"

Thanks Yonsu! I would LOVE to keep the dog. In the short time I've spent with him I'm already in love. However, my apartment is too small for 2 animals - and since Kamikaze got there first, it wouldn't be fair to him. I'm fairly sure it would NEVER be okay with him if a dog came to live with us. I'm sure someone will give this dog a much better life than I can right now.
Fingers crossed.

Sher - he is SO adorable. (And he was so soft and smelled SO good when I got him back from the pet store!)

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Holy Moley, Wonder Dog!
What a great story. We had to come visit when we saw your great new avatar photo!
And now we learn the sweet story of WD. Plus the big puppy getting new digs. We worry about that darling guy too.
Anyway, I'm home and "resting comfortably", more or less. Still limping, but all things considered, I was very lucky to not have a break or dislocation.
It is Pooper Tuesday in the US so this means lots of wine and yelling at the tv and hopefully some happy drunk tears later in the night when the west coast results come in!