Friday, February 08, 2008

Let's Eat!

Happy New Year, Dreadlock Rastas. I told my co-workers the truth when thay asked "what do you call Korean New Year in Canada?"
"Chinese New Year!" (Yah, that's right - China made the moon! They've made every other damned thing.) This is a belated greeting because New Year was Thursday and it's now Friday technically - but there's still no moon to speak of in the sky (I can see twelve stars above my apartment instead of the normal two) so, yah. Happy Rat Year, homies.

By the way, the convergance of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon was not so whoop-dee-doo. It was a triangular mix of shiny, less shiny, and cresenty. Were they to sing - or dance - now that would have been a show. Ah well.

Despite all my talk of napping on holidays, I actually sleep less than I normally do. Way less. There's just no reason to get a good night's zzz's when I don't have to use my brain. I am a robot on these holidays. I eat less, too - once a day so far. Stands to reason - robots don't need so much fuel. We're efficient like that. Instead, I sit in front of the computer trying to champion Hidden Object Games. I'm obsessed, and today played a game called "Blood Ties" until my eyes bled. It was set in Toronto, which I thought was cool. Currently it's quite popular on game sites. Rock on, T.O. I also listened to Last.FM. Love love lovey love it. You type in an artist you like and Last.FM will just flow from there, playing musicians of a similar genre until forever pretty much. I totally forgot I don't like reggae. I LOVE it. (Dreadlock holiday!)

The meal I did manage to eat today rocked. Let me recommend this big salad to you rastas in Korea. It's do-able and yummilicious. Eat it while you watch a movie. Today's Spinah Salad Movie was "Two Days in Paris," which I really enjoyed. I've got a bit of a thing for Adam Goldberg.

So - let's make a spinach salad. Grab a great big bowl and create some dressing. I'm not very measurey - so forgive me, but I'll guesstimate. Mix a bunch of minced garlic, maybe a tablespoon or so, with a ratio of 2 parts olive oil to 1 part vinegar. I absolutely recommend red wine vinegar or maybe balsamic, but alls I had was strong apple vinegar - and it was really too strong. Still, anything will do. Throw in a tablespoon or so of mustard - any sort, and maybe a teaspoon or two of sugar. I used a packet of Equal. A few dashes of Worchestire would be alright too, if you're feeling mental. I put in a little bouquet de provence because I'm crazy like that. Whisk everything together. It's a party. Mix it up.
Oh, this dressing was made even ultra yummier by my find of this:
Num num. Everything I eat now is peppered. I even bought this ready pepper mill for my boss who was intrigued by the simple salads I bring to work - greens and vegetables in a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, coarse salt and pepper. Mashisoyo.

Back to our salad here, slice a mass of button mushrooms about a quarter of an inch thick and throw them into the dressing. Give them a nice toss and leave them for awhile in the fridge. They'll suck most of the dressing and be all nice and juicy.

Now cook some bacon - a frying pan full. Less if it's "regular" bacon from back home. Bacon's new to Korea, and I managed to find some frozen version that's actually smokey - and not just ham disguised as bacon - but it's very thin. Check your freezer section at your big grocery store if you're in Korea.

Wash a bunch of spinach well.
I'd coddle a couple eggs if I were back home, but here I poached them. Crack them into a bowl and slip them into a bath of water with a bit of vinegar that's just above a simmer. Scoop them out when they're just lightly done and the yolks are still liquid. I toss them in a bowl and into the freezer for about five minutes to cool down.

I added some croutons for the hell of it. I had a baguette that was quite stale so I had made croutons the day before. Yummy. So throw the spinach, eggs, and croutons in with the marinated mushrooms and grab a fork. Eat it up, Rasta - and praise Jah for its deliciousness.
Praise Jah for my holidays.


nosaj100 said...

"Bacon's new to Korea, and I managed to find some frozen version that's actually smokey"

This is one of the hardest thing to find in Korea and I usually end up with the rubbery Ham/Korean version of bacon. I wonder why crispy bacon is not more popular? I try to cook for as long as possibly, but usually end up with something looking like burned Samgyeopsal.

sher said...

Hey! What is this? Some kind of cooking blog? :):) It looks delicious--and love the peppercorns.

Kevin said...

I need to be getting back to salads. This looks muy delicioso.