Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Uh Huh

I've got five fat days off staring me in the face. Hello! I love holidays so much that I'm seriously considering marrying them and becoming Mrs. Holiday. This is Sollal - or Sohlnal. I don't know which way I should spell it, and most times my pronunciation of it is met with blank stares. Whatever.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to spend today in traffic jams on my way to my in-laws home where I'm going to spend three days cooking and cleaning and taking care of business while the menfolk sit around eating and drinking and making merry. Sucks to be me,...ohhhhh wait a minute! I'm not a Korean wife! Ah yes! I don't have to any of that!

Instead I've got a whole lot of nothing planned. I'm not complaining. My students asked me what I was doing for the holiday and I said I'd do a lot of this - and mimed watching TV zombie style, and some of this - and ate some air to demonstrate, and a lot of this- and performed some zzzzz's.

Tonight I strayed from the plan and ended up at a karaoke with a very nice Korean guy and a middle aged brother and sister who are parents of a couple of my students. I pretended that it didn't freak me out that they were dancing wayyyyy too intimately during the slow songs. And the fast songs, for that matter. I absolutely rocked out "Sister Christian" and am planning to hit that karaoke on my own over the holidays so I can hog the microphone.

After work Monday a very drunk man stood in the doorway of the supermarket underneath my school. The shocked look he displayed upon seeing me ticked me off, but he decided to try to befriend me as I came back toward the register with my stuff. He ignored me telling him a bunch of times to "let go!" while he crushed my hand in a way too long handshake and instead attempted to hug me into a headlock. I stomped on his foot to get him to release me, but was all smiles and oh sorries about it, so thankfully he didn't put his dukes up.

The nice guy tonight gave me a long hug when he said goodbye after we had sung together. I could have stayed in that embrace for about an hour. I'm way overdue for some affection.
That's how things are, and there's more - but it's going to have to wait until after some zzzzzzz's. Colour me ok.


sher said...

You're life is so much more exciting than mine! Glad you are on holiday. How is Wonderdog doing?

Tanya said...

Happy Luna New Year to you and Kami! Have fun on your days off!

Jelly said...

Thanks Tanya!
Sher-pie, I'm glad I'm on hilday, too - but it's going way way too fast. Wonderdog's okay. I'm bugging everyone checking on him!

humble man said...

Uh Huh, :)