Saturday, October 22, 2005


I like to read food blogs. Sometimes I'll surf through some of the blogs listed at FOODBlog. This is a pretty substantial list of, well, food blogs! I've got some favourites as well!

I always check in at Mmm-Yoso which is out of California. I like this guys writing style, and the fact that he comes from Hawaii, and really enjoys Asian foods. He has lots of Korean and Japanese restaurant reviews, and his pictures make me hungry. They look delici-yoso!

I visit Ono Kine Grindz, which is a link I picked up from Mmm-Yoso. This food blogs is right out of Hawaii, and I really want to go to Hawaii! Again, makes me hungry and he has plenty of Asian goodies and excellent pictures.

I like Anne's Food which is out of Sweeden, Desarapen, which is written by a Filipina living in the UK, and the (sadly) now defunct Fatman in Seoul, which is a must visit, if you're interested in Korean food.

There's also the world traveling fine-dining Arthur Hungry which I stop by when I'm feeling posh.

There are really many many more excellent food blogs I have yet to discover. If you like food, (and who doesn't?) go surfing!

Anyhow, back to the title of this post. I have sent notice of my wanting to participate in BBM3, Blogging By Mail, Home for the Holidays. I've read about the previous 2 blogging by mails on some of the blogs I mentioned above. For more information, visit Samantha's blog or here, which has a lot of links to posts about the packages people received in the mail for BBM2.

So I'm all excited and am thinking about the possibilities of what I can send to whatever partner I get hooked up with!

If you're interested in joining BBM3, please visit My Little Kitchen, who is hosting the event this time around. Do it soon, though, as you should have your e-mail to her by TOMORROW!

C'mon Kevin, you know you want to!


Kirk said...

Hi Jelly - Thanks for linking to my humble food blog. I didn't know they had Costco in Korea, man I learn somethin' new every day!

Jelly said...

Yes! There are COSTCOs here and in Japan. The one in Japan was only about a 20 minute drive from my apartment. In Korea, it's about a 2 hour bus ride. I love COSTCO, if for nothing else than their yummy hotdogs or pizza slices at the food area on the way out. As I said, I also LOVE the cheese!!! Cheese has got to be the #1 food I miss here.
You're welcome, linking you,...I check your blog out daily. Yummilicious!