Friday, October 28, 2005

Little Girl Theatre: How Things Go

This afternoon in my first class, three little girls used their dolls to put on a play for me.

Act 1: Le Mariage
One little girl, playing the Minister, called for the bride and groom. "Bear! Come on!" Another little girl walked Bear down the aisle. The third girl sang the marriage procession song: "dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum!"
"Monkey, come on!" A long beige monkey-bride, twice as tall as her bear-groom, danced down the aisle.
The minister made it official: "Kiss, please!"
Monkey laid a long fat one on her new husband.

Act 2: La Lune de Miel
The bride and groom straddled a plush strawberry themed pencil case and rode around on top of the table to their honeymoon destination.
"Jeju-do," the minister explained.
Upon arrival, Monkey lay down and Bear got on top. Kissing and bouncing around ensued. It looked like the bear was trying to flatten the huge monkey. The minister told me off, as I was laughing too hard and not paying enough attention to the toys "doing it."

Act 3: La Conséquence
The minister transformed into a doctor, and cut open the monkey's throat with a pencil. Out came a little pink and white poodle! Mother Monkey and Father Bear embraced their little Baby Puppy. The little girl who hummed the wedding music proclaimed "FAMILY!"


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Kevin said...

Romance, sex, throat-slicing, and alien-style birth: it's the play that has everything!