Saturday, October 29, 2005

Getting Things Done

An update on my search for things that are opseyo.

I managed to find a suitable replacement for paper fasteners. I found some plastic snaps one might usually use on fabric, but it'll do for our skeleton project.

I asked Elizabeth to try to catch the telephone number of this little costume/party place on Thursday as she passed it on the bus on her way home. This afternoon we called there to inquire about black cat ears for my Halloween costume. I'm going as Kamikaze. They said they didn't have black ones, but had pink, purple, yellow and blue ones. I thought that was a little odd, as cats don't usually come in these colours, but figured I'd make do. So we went there after work, and they did have those colours in stock, but the things they had didn't even nearly resemble cat ears. They were more of a headband with two three inch loops sprouting out from the middle. They weren't even rabbity. The saleslady then went on to show us a book of how to apply makeup, and assured us if we bought the kit, and applied cat makeup as expertly as they diagramed in the book, it wouldn't matter if we wore flowerpots on our head, everyone would know they were representative of car ears. Yah, right.

I kind of resented the costume shop lady's dishonesty. The answer to "do you have cat ears?" was clearly "nope, and we have nothing that even looks like them either, don't waste your time coming here."

I told Elizabeth I had seen another costume shop further down and on the other side of the street. She thought that it was just a balloon shop. Mostly I think she was worried it was a very long way off, and we were both very hungry. Turns out it wasn't too far away, and they did indeed have cat ears. Not black, but black with brown stripes. They'll do.

We wandered back toward LotteMart through the sidestreets with plenty of empty restaurants. Elizabeth said we should look for somewhere "famous," meaning "busy" - because otherwise the food is not delicious. We ended up at TGIFridays and I had a burger.

Yesterday, trying to cut through heavy bristol board with "kiddy" scissors to make about 50 pumpkins we need for one of our games was really time consuming and painful. Today, my boss brought in some mamma jamma heavy duty scissors that worked like a charm! Unfortunately, one of the kids distracted me while I was working away, and I cut right through my palm. A clean straight fairly deep cut that started to bleed enthusiastically. The rest of the day I kept saying I had to go home because my hand hurt.

This morning at home, Elizabeth slipped on her kitchen floor and fell good and hard on her tailbone. She was in noticeable pain all day. My boss pointed out that Elizabeth was "more injured" than I, but I countered, pointing out that mine was a work-related injury, and therefore required weeks of rest and compensation. No one was buying it. Dammit!

Elizabeth, while looking for a restaurant, was unintentionally funny, when she said she had "hungziety," meaning she was anxious because she was hungry. She whined, when I laughed so hard, that I was lowering her confidence in her (really, fairly bad) English skill. I explained that it was an excellent word she had made, and some of my favourite words were combinations of words to form the "new-speak" we all enjoy. See: "shitastic" and my even more favourite, "craptabulous."


Kevin said...

Hungziety: The emotion a woman feels when she wakes up in the morning and discovers she now sports an enormous schlong.


Jelly said...

Hee hee hee. I'd say that's "schlongziety!"