Sunday, October 23, 2005

I Got Hiccups

I don't have the cute subtle kind either. I've got the barky embarrassing kind. It's been like this on and off for hours.

Earlier this week, I was considering marrying my MP3 player, and becoming Mrs. Jelly T-10. But like so many euphoric starts, my new love has gone sour. After loading almost 3 hours of music to the stupid PC Bang's computer, it refused to sync to my MP3 boyfriend. It was an exercise in frustration. All for naught.

Mister "I-Work-Here" was unhelpful with his shrugging of the shoulders and throwing up of the arms. Mister "I-Snore-Loudly" in the cubicle two spots over, and his buddy, "I-Snore-Louder" beside him, didn't help with my frustration. They blocked my way to the overwhelmingly stankified squatty toilet. More on that another time (soon.)

After 3 and a half hours of not getting the silly PC to do anything I wanted it to do, I wished all PCs and all staff and patrons would die.*

I hope all I-River employees die too.*

* I don't really. I just want tunes on my expensive toy. I feel like a circus show poodle, jumping through hoops, and my fur keeps catching on fire on account of the flames.

Fricken dog shows. (Up yours I-river.)


Joel said...

Well if you lived closer I'd say just come over and I'd put some music on for you. I have over 100 GB of music on my computer so I guarantee there'd be something you would want. If you're ever in Gunsan the offers on the table. But I'm sure you can find another nerdy foreigner in a town near you that'd be willing to help too.

Jelly said...

Hey Joel, thanks for the offer. I'm going to give it another go at the PC Room sometime this week. I'll let you know how it goes!
In the meantime, is there any music that you're really psyched about these days? I'm all out of the loop.

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