Saturday, October 15, 2005

I Got a New Toy

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It's nice isn't it? Are you jealous? You are, aren't you?
I've been saying for four months I was either going to treat myself for completing my years' contract with either an I-Pod or a digital camera. I know I-Pod is not the generic term, but I want it to be. Like Kleenex is to tissue, or Coke is to Cola (Pepsi schmepsi) I want to call my new toy, and all toys like it, I-Pod. But whatever. My toy is an MP3 Player, and more specifically, an I-River. And it's orange. And super shnazzy. And I have no idea what to do with it.

I want to be able to just think of songs and have them be automatically uploaded into the little gadget. For free. Without hassle.

I spent over 200 bones to get my pretty orange gizmo, and am now faced with a multitude of obstacles, namely, an all Korean instruction manual, an outdated computer operating system, and my lack of computer savvy. This is going to be a challenge.

I tried to get a manual from the I-River global site, but I can't figure out how to open it to read it. I bloody well hate that little pop up window that requests you choose which application to open a document in. How the hell should I know what's best to view my document? You're the computer,...YOU tell ME! I now know MS Word is not the right application, unless you can read a bunch of non-sensical CRAP! I should make some witty comment about "readers of _______ (non-sensical crappy author) might do well with this," but I can't think of anything funny. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment, and I'll update.

Speaking of comments,...Holy Non-Comments Batman! I'm either going to have to have another birthday or announce another Cuddle Party to get some comments. WTF? Comment-me-up-Scotty!! And don't be all jealous because I'll be walking around in my man-sized Air Walks listening to some rockin' tunes on my I-Pod,...*ahem* MP3 Player.

Kamikaze looks at your non-commenting asses accusingly-like.
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Joel said...

I have been debating buying one of these little gadgets myself. I haven't invested too much time into researching it because I know if I do I will buy it within a couple of days. I don't think the IRiver is a pain to navigate like the Ipod is. You should just be able to "Open or view files using windows explorer" and drag in some MP3 files.

Nomad said...


Did you get the T10? If so, first go to the Adobe Acrobat site and download the free Acrobat reader - you can get it here: Then, for the T10 instruction manual, go here: For the T10 quickstart guide, go here: For the T10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), go here: The latest firmware for the T10 is also located on that site, firmware version 1.51 - if you want to see what's new in the latest firmware, go here:

Happy downloading and reading.

Nomad said...

Hmmm looks like you may not be able to fully see the links I provided in my previous comment. If you have problems with any of that, shoot me an email.

tMoney said...

ok, so i really like your writing style!!! you're funny and witty!! also I hope you are now riding on the i-river with little hassle. All technology has a bend in it but if you get past the twists and the turns I think it will be well worth it. anyway I see you got three comments after asking and that is kind of the reason I decided to comment but also ya the stuff in truth should be said...
It almost starts off like the crappy "spam comments" I always seem to recieve but actually it was well the truth.