Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I Got 2 Stoves

Tonight my boss and here sister brought over a beast of a stove. Apparently all 3 burners work, and it has a double layered grill underneath. Coolio. The old stove is still hooked up to the gas line, so we didn't (couldn't) disconnect it so they could take it away. The new one is used, but clean. I don't care, as long as it works.

So a Stove Technician (referred to in previous posts as "some joker") will visit my apartment either tomorrow or the day after and hook me up. And hopefully take the old greasy broken stove away. Then I'll be cooking, eh?

Tonight's dinner was provided by:
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It's the second time I've had this chicken (the first time was in Masan a year ago at my friend's house) and the first time I've ordered chicken in Korea. I ordered the "gold wings" and they were delicious! Crispy and, well, golden, they were a little bit sweet and a bit garlicky. Very different from the gooey mess I remember honey garlic wings being back home. They were a bit expensive, 13,500 won (about 15 bucks Canadian) but there were quite a few of them. Enough for another good meal tomorrow. Hopefully the stove will be hooked up, and I'll wrap them in foil and test out the new grill.
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Mmmmmm, chicken.

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