Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Conversation

Standing over Kamikaze, with his dinner in a bowl in my hand.
Me: "You hungry baby?"
Kamikaze: "..."
Me: "Look at you there, my baby, so fat and cute sitting there. You're my little marshmallow, eh?"
Kamikaze: "..."
Me: "Who's my little baby marshmallow? YOU ARE! Look at my marshmallow, my monkey, poor little hungry baby looking at me. What do you want?"
Kamikaze: "..."
Me: "Tell me, my furry ham-ball, what do you want? Huh, little furry man? What do you want? What'cha want? What is it? Hey, Kitty Cat, what'cha want? What'cha wa...."
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For those of you that don't speak "CAT," that's: "Put my fuckin' dish down, ya moron."

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