Sunday, October 30, 2005


The scissor cut across the top of my palm has split and puckered. It looks like a mouth. I'm off now to kiss it. It'll be the first kiss I've had in too long!


Kevin said...

Don't be surprised if you hear it whispering sweet nothings to you around 4AM.


Chuck Amon said...

I'm thinking of my ex-wife's recent comments.
And her tone suggests she believes I live in a completely different world from her; filled with kisses and sex with young college girls.

""I"" "I" "I" have no one, it is not easy for "ME", YOU YOU YOU, have it easy, MEN have it easy"

Jelly said...

Namsan, I've spent a week pondering your comment, and I still don't know what it implies, if anything.