Friday, July 21, 2006

By the Way

One of the changes my boss talked to me about tonight was that she's hiring someone to take her place. Apparently this woman speaks English very well and has a lot of experience teaching and working with foreigners. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens.

I'm going to miss my boss, but she levelled with me that so far, this has been one of the worst years of her life. I didn't mention it, I don't think, on here- but a couple months ago she had a car accident. I was freaked out when I got to work and she wasn't there and I was told she'd rolled her car. Turns out she'd only 360'd it a couple times, but screwed up her shoulder and neck in the meantime. It happened because she's a terifically nervous and unsafe driver, and a bit of paper on her windshield freaked her out.

Her son, who wasn't strapped in, may be suffering from PTSD- and I've been quite hard on him when he hurls himself to the floor and weeps when he loses a game in class. But then again, he's almost eight and his mom just very recently stopped accompanying him to the bathroom to wipe his butt. Last week she took a hundred dollar taxi ride to retrieve her little prince, who'd developed a tummyache on his school outing. Her son speaks Korean well for his age, and English quite well for his level, but his primary language is WHINE.

It makes me cuckoo
Yah, I said it.

Right now, I kind of wish my boss would wipe her slate clean, fire the current K-teachers, and we could start fresh when I come back from Canada.

And yes, I got my golden ticket. Approximately 21 hours after I leave Seoul, I'll arrive in Toronto. I bit it, and paid just over $2,400 Cdn, (not including the tie and cost it takes to get me to Seoul) but by God this time next week I'll be on the way to the airport.

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humbleman said...

Instead of wishing someone else would fire your colleagues, wouldn't it be much easier if you do it yourself and go to a different school?