Saturday, July 08, 2006


Here's how I look, according to 8-year old Jesse.
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My nose is brought to you by the number SIX, and I have very pointy teeth. Scary.

Here's how I really look.
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For whatever reason, when I cry my eyes turn kind of green. Around my eyes is getting better, but my forehead's getting uglier. It itches, and I imagined baby spiders inside. I told the students in my first class that a big fat mamma spider had crawled in through my ear and made its way along my cheek and up my sinus to my forehead where she laid many eggs. Now, baby spiders live in the lump in my head, and when I cry, tiny spiders scurry out of my tear ducts.

Hence the spider in 9-year old Cleo's drawing of me.
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She does a better job of representing my lump.
My lump, my lump, my lump. My lovely lady bump.

Here's my drawing of the lady who sits across the street with her legs in a bag. It's not raining. I don't know why her legs stay in a bag.
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Here's the actual lady.
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Mmmmm, tomatoes!


Anonymous said...

At least you're able to laugh at the situation!

Believe it or not, but I think you're "lovely lady bump" isn't that bad. I'm not saying it's great, and lord knows I wouldn't to be in your shoes, but still it ain't like there really are spiders in there.

Keep your chin up. -Chris

sher said...

I like the way you are using your bumps and bruises as a visual aid for the kids to inspire their creativity. Now that's a true teacher!!!!!! Hang in there! Upsie says hi to you and Kami.

Kevin said...


Your bruise is darkening and looking mottled! Good sign!

Dude-- what are you doing the weekend of the 21st? Wanna go hit Kyungju and stroll around, eating nasty roadside stand food, hiking up to Sokkuram Grotto and stuff?

That'll get you out of the house, get me out of Seoul, and get us both a-walkin'! What say? A day trip to Kyungju!! I hear the city calling my name! I could meet you at Kyungju Station in the morning and we could spend the day painting the town red with the blood of the infidel!

OK, I don't know where that "blood of the infidel" stuff came from, but you know what I mean: maximal fun, minimal killing, and absolutely NO SEX WITH SHEEP THIS TIME.


(fingers secretly crossed... we looooves da sheepies)

Kirk said...

Hey Jenn - Looks like you're healing up. That's good news. BTW, does that lady use the same bag to carry Her tomatoes around?

~J said...

your lump is looking better and it got me to thinking about movie i saw as a kid. all i remember is some weird native american spirt impregnates a woman and the fetus grows on the woman's back and not where fetuses usually grow. anyway, she ended having this huge lump on her back and then gave birth to an adult-sized american indian. i wish i could remember the name of that movie. i also think you should tell the kids, it's your baby and they better be nice to it.
btw, can you take more pictures of the lady with her legs in a bag?

It's Me, Maven... said...

Love the spider story... how did your students respond to that!

Does it hurt to massage the lump? Perhaps that might help with the circulation...

Still thinking of you and sending good vibes your way...

Jelly said...


Thanks everyone.