Tuesday, October 17, 2006

English Survey - 5 O'Clock Class

Teaching English here can be an uphill battle, for sure. This country is riddled with BAD Engrish English. Check out this site for some examples of Korean English.

Today, in my five o'clock class, which is comprised of five ten and eleven year old girls, one of their T-shirts caught my eye. So I had a look around at their garb and their goods. If it were a crime to wear or possess bad English, these little ladies would be in lock-down tonight.

Here's a pencil case:
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I'm a part-time job girl.
Something about this declaration just sounds shady!

More sage-like pencil case wisdom:
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COFFEE TIMES TASTES GOOD! Continue charming smile on your face. drem is before start to new life.
I do agree with this one. Coffees times does tastes awesomes!

On to T-shirts:
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When I read this aloud and laughed, the girls had a good giggle as well. In Korea, underwear is "pentys." Everyone wears pentys. Even the men wear pentys, which freaks out the foreigner guys. "I do NOT wear "pentys."
Oh yes you do!
And I bet you love wearing your love pentys.

But here's the strangest of the bunch, worn by an 11 year old little girl.
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The best over the table Molst at your slz Benins it's artivel deep doon and ay aobt havern. aut no with a passion miay mo gril
Say what?! It almost sounds Scottish. And old. Perhaps something by Robert Burns?

Ummmm, maybe not:
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Dounting harder deeoer .harder .More I shoat tmin I can contorol. my orgasm any longer as. I atery best fashion cisn

But wait, there's more:
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I want to teel the molshere erplode out of my body. And my tkelton rsltle with you anigry thrusts. your haroing
Uhhhhh, maybe it's best this T-shirt isn't in proper English.


jane said...

Wow - that last shirt is amazing. I bought one with similar content the other day just because it was so freakin' bizarre. Check it out.

lindsey starr said...

Oh my god!! yeah, that last shirt is a bit mind boggling! wonder what the parents would say if they understood what it was trying to say. yugh. as a parent- I'd be getting rid of it so fast!
And who is it who is writing/ translating this stuff? Good thing there are a few good teachers there like you!