Saturday, October 21, 2006

WCB 72 - Roundup!

Hey! Kamikaze! Come here!
What do you want? I'm busy.
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We're hosting this week's WCB! I want you to come over here and help me pick out some pictures of you to post.
Oh. Okay. How about that picture from Oktoberfest? That was some tasty beer. And the sausages and schnitzel! Mmmmmm!
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That WAS some tasty beer! And you, my handsome little man, take a mighty fine picture!
Why, thank you! Hold me closer tiny daaaannncer. Count the headlights on the higgghhwaayyy.
Kamikaze, quit singing and come help me.
Lay me down in sheets of liiinen.
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You had a busy day todaaaayyyy!
Alright, alright. You have a lovely voice.
Tell me I'm a Rock N' Roll Superstar.
Say it!
No! Quit fooling around and come over here.
Not until you say it!
Fine. You're a Rock N' Roll Superstar.
I AM, you know.
Sure. Whatever you say. Listen, hurry up! I have to get this done! People are waiting to send in their submissions for WCB!
No, YOU listen Missy! I'm the sheriff round these here parts. I say what gets done and when. Now you git along little doggy.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think you mean little kitty?
Whatever. I don't like your tone.
Well I don't like your attitude. You're not being very co-operative today.
I don't have to listen to this.
Where are you going? Come back here!
Oh, that's it. I'm going to put up that secret picture of you.
Which one?
That one I took when I came home early and caught you "experimenting."
Well come back over here!
Fine, then.
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You're mean!
Ha ha ha! I know! But you're SO cute! I love you, my big boy.

Ah well, I've got to go kiss-up to Kamikaze who's not speaking to me. I'm sure he'll some around with a little Pounce and some brushing!

So here's the roundup for this weekend's WCB - Number 72!

*Check out Kai (who looks a little Kamikaze-ish, with a beautiful tail) escaping the tribbles below. Oh, that last picture! So sweet!
*Miss Ellie has a whole baseball team just waiting to be adopted! It's World Series time! Go Team!
*Over at Jelly Pizza, the little furry one finds a safe place to hide! Looks cozy!
*Tiggy has her own BLOG! Ah, Tiggy's just a tiny tiger, but she's growing up so fast. Don't make fun of her and her blankey, though!
*Oh! Make sure to visit Music and Cats and see the handsome Sasha smiling! Fresh blanket + warm radiator = Happy Cat!
*The lovely Upsie over at "What Did You Eat?" is looking fierce and gorgeous as always. She's overseeing the winter garden planting, now that her tomato-worm smashing duty is over.
*Glinda is looking perky and so alert over at "Anne's Food." Hopefully sometime soon she'll be making some cute faced kittens!
*Over at "A Cat in the Kitchen" there are all sorts of animals in the cat tree! It's like an aPETment complex!
*A couple weeks ago, WCB's theme was cats in boxes. Well, check out Madame Dutchess and Mr. Mao ON the boxes. Many, many boxes! Queen and King of the castle indeed!
*Bustopher and Harmon, at "Kate in the Kitchen" are all ready to play, work, and eat! Hey Bustopher, Kamikaze would call you if he had your number!
*Razzberries! Colin and Trixie have been feeling a little neglected over at "The Westering Hills." Welcome back to WCB, kitties! And Shannon, welcome back from your honeymoon in Japan! Fantastic! (And congratulations!)
*Oh! Close Encounters of the Furry Kind! Luna has a handsome visitor! Check out her sweet little voice, as she talks about this Peeping Tom(cat.)
*From "The House of Mostly Black Cats," we have Sanjee, the former feral but now furrily fantastic feline! Good to see you, pretty lady!
*When good cats go bad: it seems Noosh needs some time at a Finishing School. Miss Manners would not be happy with the paws on the table and the gobbling of the olives! Such big FEET you have, Mister Babaganoosh!
*Get a load of Fridolin and Maruschka over at Rosy's Yummy Yums! What a life! Spending your days in a basket all snuggled up and cozy. It makes me jealous, too!
* Awww! A sleepy kitty on a slipper! Aggie looks all tuckered out over at KAYAKSOUP! Linda is our gracious hostess for next weekend's WCB!
*Oh BABY! Lucky's sporting some fancy looking diapers at "These Days in French Life." Ha! Too funny!


sher said...

Wow!! Kami!! You look so cool!!! I think I like the Octoberfest picture the best! Upsie says hi--she thinks your so handsome.

Here's my link!

Anne said...

Haha, very cute pictures :) Here's Glinda:

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Thank you for hosting this weekend.
I absolutely love your photos of Kamikaze. Great work.
Bonnie in Virginia

dagmar said...

Great pictures!

I havn't participated in wcb for ages, but here's my link for this weekend:

Take care!

Ramona said...

Kamikaze! You ARE a Rock Star! But you are absolutely stunning in your Oktoberfest outfit! Madame Dutchess has a thing for beer reminds her of her papa!
Here's my link this week...thanks for hosting!

Kate said...

Bustopher and Harmon wanna come an' play with Kamikaze, maybe try on some of his outfits and check out the atmosphere

Kimberly said...

Don't be embarassed, Kamikaze; I think your Heidi look is cute.

Thanks for hosting WCB, Jelly!

Shannon said...

I'm back with cats in tow:

Love your photos, Jelly!

CatSynth said...

Hi there, Luna and I love to see Kamakazee's antics. Here's our (once again) late entry:

Hot(M)BC said...

We're late too, but here's our link:
Thanks for hosting WCB :)

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

I went back and re-read the notes and looked at the photos of Kamikaze. I love the Elton John and the OctoberFest - ALL of the photos and notes are spectacular!!!

aria said...

hahahha kamikase you are so crazy! i want schnitzle!! here's nooshkins partying with some olives

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Kamikaze, you are a star! I love those pictures so much and find you cool on each of them!...

If you want to see Fridolin and Maruschka who are tending to be more vegetative than ever now that the autumn is back, then here's my permalink:



Scott at Real Epicurean said...

Something makes me think that your cat didn't really go to Oktoberfest...

linda said...

Haha, Next Top Cat Model!
Here is Aggie being lazy.

Riana said...

bahahaha, I love the lipstick and eyeliner one!!!!

Here is Lucky wearing, for real, a diaper!!!

jane said...

Wow - and I thought my mom's cat, Isis was big. Your cat is awesome!