Thursday, October 19, 2006


I know I've been sporadic with posting. I haven't been feeling great this week. I've been battling some kind of stomach bug since Sunday, and I'm not winning so far. Today it felt like I was losing cabin pressure in my cranium, and I know it makes me sound crazy, but lately I've been a little worried that the colour is draining out of my eyes.
Yep. Cuckoo!
Must be the malaria talkin'.


John McCrarey said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, Jenn.

Odd, I've been having color drain into my eyes. Mostly red. Go figure.

baduk said...

Hope you get well soon.

Don't eat all Korean foods. Some of them may contain serious bacteria. And, Koreans are so ignorant about food poisoning.

Be very selective.

Jelly said...

Thanks John and Baduk!
Baduk - I eat Korean food almost exclusively. It's difficult, before eating stuff, to tell which dishes are ok and which other ones are riddled with salmonella and e-coli!
Truth though, the only time I had really serious food poisoning while overseas, I gave it to myself!

whaleshaman said...

if it's the malaria -- the cure is more gin & tonic [the quinine helps]!

seriously, feel better soon. your kitty cousins look forward to WCB#72.

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Dear Jenn,
I hope you are feeling better soon. Hope your Blogger straightens out too.
When I feel badly, I drink a can of Coka-Cola, and it always works. Maybe it is the caffeine or the sugar or the carbination.
There is only one thing for food poisoning though - to get it out of your system.
Hope this finds you a little better today.
Bonnie in Virginia

sher said...

Oh no!! I've been thinking about you this week, wondering how you were doing. Feel better. I was just sick for weeks.