Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No Rest, and it's Dreary

I doze off for a few moments, but then I'm awakened by a violent coughing fit, or water leaking out of my nose like a faucet, or the fact that I've got cotton mouth. I'm a mouth-breather, you know.

Earlier I sat looking like a slack-jawed yokel trying to watch the Miami Vice movie. Talk about dreary. I couldn't understand what the hell they were talking about. The reviews here and here sum things up nicely. I especially like the latter reviewer's comment, "My cat has coughed up hairballs that make more sense than MIAMI VICE. At least a hairball serves a vital physiological function that makes the feline’s existence more pleasant in the long run after an irritating 30 seconds or so. Michael Mann’s big screen version of the uber-hip 80s television series is just irritating, and a lot longer than 30 seconds." Ha! I was never a fan of the TV series, but I watched a few episodes surely. Maybe my memory is foggy, but I remember the two main characters having some chemistry. I guess things change.

My local crap video store got some new videos today, which is why I picked up Miami Vice. Next up, I guess, is the (Oh, God) TV movie Icon, starring Patrick Swayze. Surely that will rock. My socks off. Whoo hoo.

Oh, and in other dreary news, it's been confirmed that there's been an outbreak of bird flu (HN51) and they're slaughtering loads of chickens as well as cats and dogs, which animal experts suggest is “a bit of an extreme measure.” From the article:
Another ministry official, Kim Chang-sup, insisted killing cats and dogs to curtail the spread of bird flu was not unusual.“Other countries do it. They just don’t talk about it,” Kim said, adding that all mammals are potentially subject to the virus. He declined further comment.

But animal experts disputed the validity of killing cats and dogs.

“It’s highly unusual, and it’s not a science-based decision,” said Peter Roeder, a Rome-based animal health expert with the U.N.’s Food and Agricultural Organization or FAO, who published research about cats and bird flu earlier this year in the journal Nature. “We’ve got absolutely no reason to believe they’re important,” he told The Associated Press.

Why are they doing this? As a precautionary measure? Why don't they just burn down all the chicken retaurants and replace them with kimchi counters? Kimchi combats bird flu, don't ya know?