Sunday, November 05, 2006

WCB 74

My big boy Kamikaze is all tuckered out these days. With the cooler autumn nights, he loves to either strecth out or snuggle up on my bed. Here he is looking a bit like a bat, I think.
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Yesterday during one of his many daytime naps, I snuck up and stuck the camera in his face before I poked him. Wake up.
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Wow Mister Kitty, those are some big yellow eyes you've got.
"All the better to glare at you with."

And here, I took his picture with my camera on its "drunk setting." Or maybe I was drunk. Or maybe Kamikaze was. Probably K, I, and the camera were all loopy. Party down K! Party on J!
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This weekend's WCB is being hosted over at "Lali et Cie!" who resides over on the French Riveira. Lubbly! Wobble on over there and check out all the pure kitty insanity!


Lali said...

What a sumo this Kamikaze! Thanks for your participation!

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Happy to see Kamikaze this weekend. How are you doing these days? Take care.
Bonnie In Virginia

Sarah and Tiggy said...

Hi Kamikaze. You look very comfy on the bed. I hope Jelly respects your need for cuddling and ample stretching space. Your close-up shot is beautiful!

sher said...

He's soooo gorgeous. His fur is glossy and lucious--I think he could do shampoo commercials! I'm glad he lets you use the bed too. :):)