Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blog Schmog?

Ever since I gave my brother this here address to this here blog I've found myself being far more self conscious about what I'm writing. I don't like it so much.

The last couple of days have been worse, ever since my bro implied my blog here is trite and fluff, and that I've got too much time on my hands. And then he said I'm retarded. Or at least I'm retarded when I post about what I ate for dinner.

Tom Hanks is right now losing Wilson the Volleyball on TV. I don't know why I relate so much to the relationship he had with that ball and the profound sense of loss his character felt when it floated away.

Would I be sad if this blog just floated away?


kangmi said...

You might not be, but I would be.

Who are you writing for? Your brother?

harlemgrrl said...

three fans in nyc would miss you terribly!

John McCrarey said...

along with lots of us in the ROK.

Of course, do what's best for you. But you are an excellent writer and your wit and humor make even the most mundane topics fun to read about.

As to your bro the critic--it's like my shrink once told me: "just because someone doesn't like rocky road ice cream, it doesn't make rocky road ice cream bad."

It still bothers me that who used an example full of nuts, but that's another story...

Kevin said...

Gotta agree with Mr. McCrarey. No disrespect to bro, who I'm sure is a fine fellow, but you write for yourself, and if others find it trite, well... it ain't your problem.

Would be nice if bro could be a bit more supportive, though. I'm very lucky: my parents both read my blog (Dad much more often than Mom), and my brother David loves sending me material to slap on the blog, along with the occasional psychedelic email meant for publishing.

That's what you need to do: start publishing your brother's emails. This serves two purposes: (1) it puts him on notice that rudeness stinks the same, whether in public or in private, and (2) it helps you realize that bro's needling, once brought into public view and given some perspective, probably isn't as bad as all that.

I mean, I've been called all sorts of things both by people I know and by people I don't know. You get used to it after a while. It's just noise.


It's Me, Maven... said...

It would be very sad.

Don't let him persuade you one way or another.

If your blog has meaning for you, and serves a purpose for you, tell him "tough titties" or perhaps he should click the "Next Blog" button.

sher said...

You might not be sad immediately--but there's a good chance that you might think that later. I would miss you and Kami so much!!! I love reading your posts. Don't force the writing, write when you want. You have such interesting things to say, I would hate to see you drift away.

Some of the worst criticism I've ever gotten has been from family, during times they should have shown support. Family dynamics are always complicated and cause a person to stop doing things they value.

Jelly said...

You people rock. Thank you!