Sunday, December 24, 2006

WCB 81 - Presents!

My friend Laura in Japan sent Kamikaze some Christmas presents! He got a toy mouse on a stick. The site of the little mouse's tail sticking out as I opened it sent Jane screaming across the room. She says she has a phobia of mice. I have decided to keep the mouse at work and scare her 100 times before I let Kamikaze play with it at home. My big boy also got a pack of grow-your-own-cat-grass, which he thinks is delicious. He got a cat blanket (pictured as it's folded up) and THREE new logs of corrugated cardboard he scratches. He LOVES them.
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He often sits Sphinx-style with his front end on the scratching block. Alternately he lies in his bed with his paw or paws on the block. I think he's afraid it's going to run away or something.

The last scratching block had been flipped over and was worn down to a pile of brown scraps. He was overdue for a new one, but you can't find them here! He was so excited when I gave him the new one he threw up his just-eaten food on it and then enjoyed his meal one more time. Cats are charming.

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Whatever. It's MINE. I know you're not going to want to play with it after its been barfed on. I'm smart like that.

For more Christmas cat bloggy goodness, please stop by and visit Tiggy the Tiny Tiger and leave some happy words for Tiggy's in a new city, and Sarah Jane, Tiggy's mom is having a rough time. I hope she and Tiggy have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year with a fresh start.

Oh, and have a look at Anne's gorgeous cats. The very pregnant Glinda-cat should be on a Christmas card! Anne was my recipient in the latest round of Blogging By Mail. I was thrilled to have been matched up with her, as I've been a fan of her blog for a long time!

Alright then, carry on being Merry, even though you know it enrages me.


Sarah and Tiggy said...

Hi Jelly. Thanks for your comment. Toronto is my hometown too, so it's sort of a bizarre homecoming. I'm lucky that I have a lot of family to rely on. Anyway, thanks again and happy holidays.

Lisa said...

Hi Jelly,

FYI, I'm hosting WCB this week, so if you're participating, just leave me a comment . . . cheers!