Sunday, December 17, 2006

WCB 80 Feed Me!

Big Kamikaze Kamakiri Kitty gets very impatient when he figures it's time for dinner. He starts meowing, sadly and quietly at first, but soon becomes angry and loud! He moves closer and closer to his empty dish until his head is practically in it. Just before I took this picture, he was lying with his paw in the dish and rattling it against the floor. Clunk, clunk, clunk.
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Alright alright alright, dinner's coming up - quit making such a racket!

For more weekend cat blogging, be sure to stop by kitchen Mage's site. It sounds like they're having quite a storm! And if you like many many pictures of cats, please visit Miss Ellie's Page. I always want more cats when I see all the lovely ones up for adoption on her page.


sher said...

Work that dish Kami!!!!! How dare you suffer hunger pangs! Frankly, I envy you being able to do that. I've been tempted to do that in restaurants when they take too long!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Ha, ha, ha, I also know that! It's funny, because on that picture, Kamikaze has exactly the same face expression as Maruschka when she is hungry and yammering like a dictator!!!

Kamikaze looks great, as usual...

aria said...

hahahahah way to go kamikaze! well done!!

Bonnie Loves Cats =^..^= said...

Dear Kamikaze,

You look so cute in your photo and you look so big too.
Thank you for mentioning Miss Ellie's Page. We are moving along with the adoptions.
Merry Christmas to both of you.
Bonnie in Virginia

barbie2be said...

dear god, that's a huge cat!

barbie2be said...

dear god, that's a huge cat!