Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Update - I'm Alive!

I'm okay. Kind of. Sort of. Almost.

See, I think what happened was that Little Flu went and told his bigger stronger meaner brother Big-Ass Flu that I'd been fighting with him. So Big-Ass Flu showed up Sunday to kick me around some. Either that, or I got food poisoning from the not very good lunch I had on Saturday. My friends didn't get sick, though. Then again, we didn't all eat exactly the same thing (I'll post about it very soon.)

The last couple days have been spent puking and sleeping and sipping apple juice diluted with water. Oh, and worrying that maybe I had meningitis. I googled vomiting and stiff neck and survey said,...

At one point yesterday I woke up from a sweaty nap and had just enough time to swing my legs over the side of the bed before I barfed all over the floor. (You should have seen Kamikaze's expression!) Lovely. I didn't even go to work today, so you know I was feeling bad. Hopefully I've turned the corner though.

I think the folks who live below me might be alcoholics. They're partying again tonight and their window is open. I can smell the mix of soju and cigarettes and men wafting up to my balcony. I think they're playing the "Let's Scream Our Heads Off and Fall Down" game now.


Kevin said...

As Snoop Dogg might say, "You have my pimp-athies."

Get well soon!

(If not, please projectile-vomit toward your cat and photograph his expression.)


Nomad said...

LOL Kevin.

Damn Jenn, I think most of my comments on your blog go something like "I hope you feel better soon."

Methinks you're not eating enough kimchi. Yeah, that's the ticket.

JR said...

I agree with Kevin. Some pictures of your cat with that expression would be sweet!

If all else fails, join your neighbors downstairs and soju your flu to death.

take care.

sher said...

LOL!! Did Kami think you were coughing up a hairball? I hope you're much better now.