Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lethargic Dancing Girls and Blurry Fireworks

Teaching on Friday was LOUD! For a change it wasn't the students so much, or me yelling at the students to "PIPE DOWN!" No, no, no! This was a day for celebrating! Today was a celebration for a brand new chicken joint that opened up across from my school. The place used to be a cramped Stationery Store where I'd stop in and buy cutesy pencils and glue and stuff. I was kind of surprised when it suddenly vanished. Seriously - it was there on a Friday and gone by Saturday night. So there was a couple weeks of renovation and then a "soft opening" about a week and a half ago. Friday was the Grand Opening, complete with flowers, balloons and the most lethargic dancing girls I've ever seen.


They played the same five songs over and over all day, and mostly did the "step side to side" dance. Across the street, the old men drinking soju on benches- permanent fixtures - were the only ones paying attention, sometimes clapping along. The music and the shouting went on as long as I was teaching and they packed it in just as I was getting ready to head into the weekend. It's a good thing this new chicken restaurant opened, because before that there were only FIVE chicken restaurants on the block. Now we've got six. I wonder if it's going to do alright. Three door down from this new place another resto "Oh My Chicken!" has sat abandoned since the spring. Maybe I'll make a round of the chicken restaurants and do a post on whose the champion of the chicken shops. Heh. For the blog. I would eat the chicken. And drink the beer that goes with the chicken. It'd be a sacrifice, but it's all for the blog, man.

Continuing on with the celebrations, today there was a shouting and singing concert somewhere off yonder from my apartment. I don't know what they were celebrating. Perhaps a new fishing shop or PC Bang opened up. Since I spent far more time asleep than awake today, the celebration just served to annoy me and wake me up. No problem, I just flipped over and dozed off again. They ended off with fireworks, so I set my camera to the "fireworks" setting as I hopped onto my balcony and took some lame blurry photos. Nice show though. It lasted about five minutes.
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I watched my silly little video and noticed a variety of other YouTube videos on offer once mine had finished. Check out this nine year old Korean girl!

Now that's not lethargic! What a great little dancer. But what do you think about some of those moves? Recently one of the elementary schools had a "festival," and a lot of my students were participating in various performances. Some of the grade six kids were practicing a little song and dance routine to "Summer Lovin'" from Grease, which I thought was adorable. Others were doing traditional dances. I convinced a few of them to demonstrate and it was pretty cool. One large group of five and six grade girls, though, were doing a dance to a hip hoppy song called "Gojumal," (Liar) by some boy band. When the little girls would break out the moves in the lobby before class, or even in class, I'd fight the urge to throw a coat over them and say "Jeeze! Stop it!" I didn't think the ass-shaking and pelvic thrusting was appropriate for a 10 or 11 year old girl. The Korean teachers thought it was fantastic though. "Ohhhh!" they'd clap along, "It's secshi dance-uh!"
Hmmm. Strawberry Jelly disapproves.


Kevin said...

"I didn't think the ass-shaking and pelvic thrusting was appropriate for a 10 or 11 year old girl."

Oh, come on, Jelly! What could possibly be hotter than a fifth-grade girl doing pelvic thrusts?

Wait, wait, I know-- a 97-year-old granny in a thong! Toothless, tits down to her navel (can't be any worse than my praying mantits), and with a prolapsed rectum hanging out beyond her thong!

Doing pelvic thrusts!

Uuuunnnngggghhh!! Holy crap, I just came.

You need to get with the times, lady! We expat English teachers are all pervs and freaks and maggots, according to the common wisdom here.


Jelly said...

I disapprove of you objectifying floppy titted pelvic thrusting grannies with prolapsed rectums.

I'll cop to being a freak, but I'm no pervy maggot.