Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh, Pause

Some guy in my apartment building drives a cool car.
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That's hott.

I don't know too much about him, but I do know this:
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His name is Mr. Oh, he's on the "Club Turby Team," and he has the same blood type as me.

Next time I feel like I might need a transfusion I'm going to go stand by his car in the parking lot, and when he shows up I'm going to bite him in the neck.

Then I'm going to force him to drive me to Costco.

That's hott.


Jes said...

OMG. You wouldn't believe the things I'd do for a ride to Costco!

Diana said...

I've been laughing for the last five minutes. Thank you.

Michael said...

Why is his blood type on his windshield, in case he's in an accident?

But if he's in an horrific accident, I bet more than likely that his window would get broken, so what's the use in posting that information there?

I think he should also post whether he's an organ donor or not, now THAT'S useful information.

Jelly said...

Hi, Jes and Diana!

Michael, yah, blood type is a "thing" over here. I actually got asked again today, for the zillionth time, what mine is. They attach certain characteristics to a person depending on what blood type they have, kind of like we do for the star signs. I've heard a "B" man isn't so great, so maybe Mister Oh of the Hott Car is advertising that he's a good guy.

Now I'm wondering if Koreans do organ donation on their licences. I'm going to ask tomorrow.