Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I don't know why, but Koreans have a fondness for poo. It's mostly the kids, I guess, but surely adults remember back to when they were kids and loved poo as well. Check out my groovy stickers!
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See? Those kids are loving their poo! And some of their poo can fly! And the toilets can fly! And sometimes, as what happened to the boy at the very top, the flying poo lands on your head! But it's ok, he likes poo!

This guy is really the King of Crap, though.
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Here's what we know about him, from the Dalki World website:

* Name : Dongchimee
* Sex : Male
* Hobby : Making art work using Dung
* Constellation : Virgin (September 9)
* Features : Creative only in Dung

* Character : Dongchimee, one of the characters of Dalkis, is different from Dalkis, main character. Dalkis' friends do not live in the neighborhood of and live with Water Melon, Lemon, Dolbam, and Banana. Dongchimee loves Dung very much. It is his own creation. It is hard to adjust and makes him feel good every morning.

Dongchimee tries to test to have creations. He sometimes makes dung watery or dry. He makes sketches of such satisfactory dung and put it in a glass bottle. Dongchimee spends most of time at home. He sticks out dung of others unconsciously when he is outside. He can't stand just watching it. That's why they call him "Dongchimee".

Dalki, just so you know, is a character with a big strawberry head.
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"Dalki" actually translates to "strawberry" in English, while "Dongchimee" translates to "shit needle."

Sooooooo, Dongchimee spends a lot of time at home messing around with poo. Let's have a look!
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Yep! There he is with his sketches and his feces and his glass bottles filled with feces and a fly with poo on his head.

Oh! And here he is in his bathroom.
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With his pile of pills and the Poo-Fly who seems to be stealing his crap.

I think Dongchimee is sort of insane.
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Uhhhh. Yah.
Shitprints up the wall.

Here he is being a pencil.
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See how he sits on the loo with his poo?
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(Dongchimee Poo Sparkling!)

Oh, and here he is being my keychain.
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My brother has a big collection of Dongchimee products because I keep sending him things for Christmas and his birthday. He once asked, "Seriously, Jelly,...why do you keep sending me all this shit?" which made me laugh!


Tanya said...

Gross! That is really disgusting. It is interesting what will interest different cultures, though.

Diana said...

I think it may be less a matter of interest to Koreans as it is a willingness to market products to second graders that were probably thought up by second graders. In the US, we just censor the children. If they could get ahold of this kind of stuff, they'd love it.

And yeah... it's disturbingly gross.

Bohemian in Korea said...

Heh, Interesting point of culture...it is believed that by many older Koreans that if you dream of blood or "poo" you will have good fortune. It's kinda gross but many years ago my Korean teacher patiently explained it to me. As in the past the almost sole source of fertilizer for the rice was of the human veriety it kinda makes sense.

Kevin said...

An oldie but a doodie.