Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mom in a Tree

I just got off the phone with my mother. We talked for awhile about a lot of stuff. She's such a good woman, and has recently broken up with her boyfriend, who's a JERK. I told her she needs to find a Good Man.

"Oh, and where am I going to find this Good Man? In my backyard? In the laundry room?"
"Actually, I bet you could find one in Alaska."

We'd been talking about cruises. I really want to go on one. I mentioned that a couple posts ago, but I really am considering taking the slow route home next summer. On a cruise ship. I've also been thinking about taking my mother on an Alaskan cruise, which is a place she's been wanting to visit forever.

"Yah, Victoria at work is always telling me I should go find a man in Alaska."
"It's true. What's the man/woman ratio there? Like, 75 to 1?"

Actually, it's about 3 to 1, but still.

"Hmmm. But, I don't want any unwashed men. They should be clean."
"I dunno. The guys on Northern Exposure all looked pretty fine!"
"That's true. Have you seen that new show set in Alaska? Ummmm. 'Three Men in a Tree?'"

"Ha ha ha ha hahahahahahaha! You mean "Men in Trees?"
I couldn't stop laughing.
"Shut up! You know what I meant! That's a good show. Jerry's in it, you know." (He's the actor who played Jerry Markovic in ER. My mom loves him. She seems to have a thing for Jerrys. My father. The most recent Jerk, too.)

I was still laughing.
"Shut up, Jelly!"
"Hey, mom?"
"Is Jerry one of the three men in the tree?"

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