Friday, November 18, 2005

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Everyone say buh bye:
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I love it, but we're fighting all the time and I can't handle it. There's something wrong with it, because it isn't recognized on any computer I've tried lately to connect it to. Tonight I came the the PC Room and the computer I was successful in uploading from before was being used, so I patiently waited at another computer, downloading MediaPlayer 10 in English, and then Limewire and trying to sync one lonely song. Nope, it wouldn't work. So I played (and beat) Feeding Frenzy.

By the way, did you know that with the Real Arcade site you can download a "trial version" of a game which should be only 1 hour long, but you can actually keep playing indefinitely as long as you don't exit out. Of course, this means you can't do anything else online BUT play the game, but still. I've wasted a few hours over the weekends downloading games and playing them until I WIN!

Anyhow. The computer I wanted opened up, and I did the rigamaroll downloads, and this time no dice. The computer saavy man who was trying to fix it up in Korean last week did say something about drivers. I found some information about a firmware upgrade that may or may not apply to my MP3 Player, but I can't even do anything with it since I can't get the computer to recognize my device, even though the screen on my T10 says "USB Connect."

I've got about 5 hours or so of music already, and I do love listening to those tunes, but I've already completed the rotation numerous times, and without being able to upload new songs and alter my playlists, this MP3 Player is not going to work out for me. We'll see what those jokers have to say down at the place I bought it. If it turns out I'm going to have to deal with Iriver Korea, I'm going to be really bummed.

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