Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Even though I requested luck on the previous post, no one wished me luck. I can tell. Because I had none. On Saturday night it was late when I went to the PC Room - so after uploading a couple of songs and found that I couldn't sync them to the MP3 player, I just gave up.

So I came back here tonight and chose another computer but was once again met with defeat. So I asked the girl who's usually here, but turns out the guy at the computer beside her is actually working tonight. He's a real go-getter! From what I can tell there are at least 3 employees here: the girl, a younger guy, and the go-getter. The girl will usually check out a few things on the computer when I ask her for help, and a couple of times even got the thing working. The younger guy is pretty much no help at all. The first time I dealt with him he told me "chang-ee compootah." This was after more than 3 hours of my collecting music I couldn't transfer to another computer, so "changee compootah," not so helpful. The second time he shrugged and smiled at me. Thanks buddy!

Go-getter tonight, though, got right in there and spent about 20 minutes clicking and typing and he really seemed to know what he was doing. In the end, it's something about a driver and WindowsXP. He didn't get it to hook up, but he seems to find the problem a challenge, as he's taken my MP3 player to another terminal.

Oh, he's just brought it back without comment. I think I'm SOL again.

At least I know there's ONE computer here that has co-operated with me a couple times.

For all I know, my MP3 player might be getting angry with me. I keep introducing it to new computers, whereas perhaps the idea is to just have it meet one computer and give them time to get to know one another and get all cuddly before they start syncing it up together. Maybe my MP3 player thinks I think it's a whore.

I'm going to head home now and see if we can talk things out.


Anonymous said...

Jelly - Sorry was out of town. Good Luck! LOL!

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