Saturday, November 05, 2005


Last night I had a dream that I was going to interview for a job at an international elementary school. The Buddhist temple at the bottom of the hill leading up to my apartment had been converted to a school. I showed up for the interview and was disappointed in myself when I looked down and noticed I was wearing my pajamas. I was greeted by my grade eleven math teacher, Mr. Brady, who was doing the hiring.

I looked up on the chalkboard and noticed Shawn, of China Life Blog was scheduled for an interview right after me. Rory was scheduled for later in the afternoon. Mr. Brady and I chatted a little while and then he sent me out to dig up some worms for the next part of the interview. I didn't even question that, it seemed just right.

As I was digging in a pile of dust by the road, Shawn and his girlfriend walked by chatting and leading a mule on a gold cord on their way to the school. I was really surprised to hear Shawn spoke with a heavy Jamaican accent. I got a handful of worms and returned to the school and was informed we were going bass fishing. Surely that's a hat tip to The Lost Nomad. Shawn and his girlfriend and I waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the lake. Shawn's an entertaining guy, and kept taking things from his cargo pants pockets to juggle, red-white-and-blue balls, big glittery silver rings, handguns (which made me nervous) and blow-torches.

The bus took us all to a lake where we all got on a rickety old barge. Mr. Brady gave us string with a hook on the end and told us the person with the most bass after 3 hours would get the job. He also mentioned if any of us hooked a pirannha would immediately have the position.

I don't know how it turned out, because I fell in the lake as soon as I dropped my line, and the cold water woke me up.

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hardyandtiny said...

Lost Nomad no longer responds to my comments. I think it's hilarious.