Saturday, November 05, 2005

Upload Schmupload

So I just spent the last almost 4 hours here and it all amounts to nothing! I'm annoyed, and more so at myself than this stupid peice of crap computer. As if my 3 previous visits here didn't teach me anything!! Test, test, test! I'm an idiot.

Here's how it should go:
-Download MediaPlayer10
-Download Limewire
-Run IRiver Media Player Software*
-make sure MP3 player has sufficient battery life
-Plug in MP3 player, make sure the display reads "USB" or something similar
-Upload songs to Limewire
-Transfer to MediaPlayer10
-Sync to device
I missed steps 4 and 5, so had to run to the store to get more batteries (4 bucks for 2 AA Duracells at a convenience store, grrr!)
Step 5 ACTUALLY should be step 1, as it will tell you if the computer is ok and if your batteries are cool. Once I got the batteries in my MP3 I discovered the USB hookup on this computer is fooked.

So I've spent another 4 hours wasting my time.

And by the way, I wish I could google "Songs I Love" and have it come up with every song I've ever liked. As it is, I am overwhelmed everytime I have to pick and choose from the universal library of (free) music available on Limewire. Any suggestions?

Oh, and in my running to the store, I found out where all the computer game guys are. They're drunk on the streets yelling obscenities into their cellphones (2) or starting loud slappy fights with each other (2) or throwing up into an empty ramen bowl (1.)

*Iriver's Media player CD that I was so concerned about losing last week is only necessary if you want to preview music uploaded from Limewire, and truth be told it's not even imperative, as you can listen to it on the MediaPlayer10. I just find Iriver a litle more user friendly in that case.

** I would, in any other situation, demand compensation. For example, I'd hope to get my money back for the hours wasted here with a defective computer. However, the hourly rate for being at a PC Room is ridiculously cheap,...about $1.15 an hour or so. I remember paying about 10$ an hour back at The Bean in Toronto in the late 90's. As if! So with my crappy korean skills and my not-so-serious sense of outrage, I'll pass.

BTW- no need to click the Bean link, it's boring and now very passe....I was just saying.

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