Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Blogging By Mail, From Korea to California!

My package arrived at its destination in San Francisco! I'm kind of surprised at how quick it got there, considering I mailed it last Wednesday here, and it arrived there in Monday's post. That's 6 days! Last year, my Christmas gift from my mother and grandmother took 3 months to the day to get to me from Toronto. (Granted, they sent it via the slow boat to China, but still!)

So check out Anne's blog and see what she got from yours truly. I really hope she enjoys it.

When I found out that I had been given a swap partner whose family is from Korea, it made me kind of nervous. I had imagined getting paired with someone in, say, the Midwest, who would pull out the contents of my package and be all, like, "Oh! What on earth is this?!?" (It's BONDEGGI, baby!)

However, Anne is surely familiar with Korean fare, as she was here with her family not too long ago. So I tried to get some things that I enjoy and some things she may not have tried before. (Have any of you here seen that Jeju tangerine or cactus chocolate? I actually bought it at LotteMart, but saw some just tonight at 7-11!)

So, if you're interested in seeing some of the packages that are flying around the world, check out the BBM3 round-up post over at My Little Kitchen. I'm happily awaiting getting my own package, as are my co-workers and students. (The students are asking me everyday "Teacha, you is mail get?")

I've heard the next Blogging By Mail (4) will be sometime in January. I'll keep my eye open for it, and when I know you will too. I recommend joining. I mean, who doesn't love a nice care package?


John McCrarey said...

Hey, I know you are a Canadian and all, but what the hell, I wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving (American version) anyway.

One of the things I am thankful for this year is having "blog friends" like you. I so enjoy reading about your life and adventures in Korea. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy my visits here each day.

BTW, my offer of a tour and cheese still stands.


Jelly said...

Thank you John,
Likewise, Happy Thanksgiving, and I'm happy to know you too. It's good to have you updating again. I missed you.
Mmmm cheese. You rock. I will take you up on that. We'll sort out details eventually!