Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Brand New at My Horrible Video Store

Oh joy! They just got in a few new movies after a few weeks of nothing. About half of the new ones are Korean. I'd love to watch Korean movies, but don't have a DVD player. No matter, really, the selection of DVDs at my backwards little store is pathetic.

They've got two copies of War or the Worlds, which I've seen, but would watch again. I'd like to rent it on a night I can watch it early or maybe in the afternoon. It's a loud 'un. Both copies were rented tonight, so no matter on that either.

They have 3 copies of a movie I'd never even heard of, but starred Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Christina Applegate, Kelly Preston, Candice Bergen and Mike Myers. You would figure, with that highly recognizable cast, you couldn't go too wrong, eh?

Well, sheesh. It was so pointless and lame I slipped into unconsciousness about half way through and slammed my head on the coffee table and gave myself a nosebleed and a concussion. Then when I came to I stood up and slipped in all the blood and fell over and broke my leg.

Actually, I didn't. But I sort of wish I had. It probably would have been both more entertaining and less painful than watching that movie. "View From the Top" came out in early 2003, how on earth is it appearing as a brand spanking new video at my store? They must be getting any old video and passing it off as a new release, yes? That's alright, I guess, there are a lot of really great movies they don't have, so I don't mind if they go back in the archives and yank a few, but I wish they'd get good ones instead of, well, what they're getting.

Does it cost more to buy blockbusters or critical acclaimed movies? These all seem bootlegged anyhow, judging from the screens at the beginning of each tape.

Anyhow, there's 87 dreadful minutes I'm never going to get back.

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