Sunday, November 27, 2005

Voice From the Past

I got an e-mail today from a dear friend I used to know when I lived in Masan in 2002. It's been ages since I last heard from him, so I was excited to read his news. I'm not entirely positive, but i think he used some kind of online translation thing to write to me. What do you think?

Report it wants and it is not small Nae Si Neun Ji... it is anxious during that time very
Not be for a while liaison and live how, it is anxious, the bedspread..
This letter to use the automatic compiler and to draw up.
Jennifer! It lives yet from Japan?
Recently the possibility of exchanging a with each other matter it is in the future it will exchange the letter frequently with the automatic compiler and the bedspread
Currently live how from where, it does not know but and to wish,
The lives which it shares from Korea are born thought yet freshly... report to want and the many thought is born.
It is a winter when Korea is cold now..
The friends who are in that time Korea yet, if in case which probably is to Korea yet it is in Korea and the possibility to teach their letter addresses it is?
It is born but in the future the reel which it will contact frequently ni also Jennifer liaison does as a favor difficulty is operating the anjunara frequently yet.. is like that, Goodbye
The many sides to send the news inside quick time the report which it will thank Jennifer who wants ~
From Korea bongho...

Am I the bedspread, or is he?


Kevin Kim said...

If "bedspread(s)" appeared in the text, it's probably thanks to an online translation program. I wrote about my own experience with Alta Vista's Babel Fish here.


Jelly said...

Thank you Kevin! I'll have a look!