Friday, November 04, 2005

Purr Eye Day

Im updating from a PC Room. I generally don't come to PC rooms unless I want to grab some tunes for my MP3 player (meaning I've been to the PC room 4 times in the last year and some.) Usually it's smokey and noisy. People start to leave around midnight or so, and the place quiets down some. They turn off most of the lights around 11, and then it's quite dim with mainly just the monitors illuminating the joint. I've never been here on a Friday night, because usually I'm shopping downtown. I decided to skip shopping this week, as I've got a freezer full of food and don't really need anything at all downtown.

Anyhow, I'm surprised, because this normally crowded internet cafe is virtually empty! Lucky me! Where are all the usual video game guys? Are they out drinking soju? Are they out on a date with their women? Are they going to show up here any minute?

I don't know.

Speech Contest Day at school was pretty normal. The microphone broke, surely from the kids trying to yank it out of my hand on Halloween. (The boss's kid is the worst.) I tried to fix it, and took it all apart, but the wires are mangled. I think some sodering is in order. The usual stick-hitting went on, and at one point I had to laugh, because lookng around the room, one might have guessed I was working amongst a bunch of Three Stooges. Everyone was hitting everyone.

Poor Ted, on his way back to sit down after having performed his speech ( which was actually titled 'Ted and Star' this month ~ about a kid who wants to be a cowboy, but only has a pet goat named Star to rise around on) had his pants pulled down by one of the other student. You know, track pants, no drawstring, I see London, I see France, I see Ted's underpants. Elizabeth beside me actually pointed and broke out laughing. I tried out my "angry eyes" on the pants-puller-downer. Ted cried. It should have been his glory moment too, as his name was mentioned about 100 times during the speech he and his classmates delivered. Poor lamb.

Otherwise, Friday nights ROCK. They are my favourite time of the week. Oh! i just noticed because Blogger is in Hangul here, I can't spell check!

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