Saturday, September 03, 2005

Here She Comes

I was just commenting the other day how we've had no typhoons so far this year! In Korea, I mean. Well looks like I may have spoke too soon. Check it out:
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This is Super Typhoon Nabi, which means "butterfly" in Korean. One weather site notes: "In the western Pacific, Super Typhoon Nabi has top winds of 150 mph. This typhoon has passed the islands of Saipan and Tinian and is now fortunately in the open waters of the western Pacific. It is now expected to head toward the islands of southern Japan near Naha and then turn up toward the southern mainland of Japan and South Korea. All residents and business travelers/tourists visiting the region will need to monitor this very dangerous storm the next several days."

Looks scary.

*Edit* Seriously, it looks like it's coming right for us in Ulsan!
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For your reference:
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Nomad said...

Keep checking back...these storms change track faster than the typhoon warning center can update. Good chance you may not get hit at all if it keeps curving.