Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Smiley Face

I decided to go out last night. I went downtown to my favourite club and it was abandoned. It was open, but dark, and everything inside was gone. I was really bummed and sat outside on the street looking at it. Then it started to rain, so I came home.

There's an excellent chance that I officially give up about getting out there and meeting people and developing a social life here. It's just too difficult. There is a Writers Group I just read about that meets twice a month at a bar. I'm not sure if that information is up to date, but maybe if I get up enough nerve I'll look into it.

I still have to decide if I'll agree to staying on longer at work. I expect I'm going to be asked to make my decision very soon. If I don't agree to extend, I have only 11 and a half weeks left here. It's not very long, time is just a' flyin.

The last 4 days off flew by. Tomorrow I'm back to work. It's good it's a short week, I'll just have time to ease back into it and then it'll be the weekend again and I can not go out and not meet anyone.


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