Thursday, September 01, 2005

Save the Drama for your Mamma

So, yesterday was the end of August. Good riddance, I say. Between the extra classes and waking up early and the stupid hot weather, I have little use for August.

Today was a pretty fun day, though, that went by fast! This morning, my special classes finished up their textbooks and/or marked each others tests with me (that we took Monday) and then we spent the rest of the class making sandwiches! We had a little bye-bye party, eating our sammies and potato chips and soda. It was kind of fun. My older class was much more proficient in sandwhich preparation. The first class managed to knock over a full bottle of pineapple pop, drop a whole slab of ham on the floor, and draw blood with the cucumber peeler in the first 5 minutes. One of the little boys asked me first off, "teacha, do you like tomatoes?" To which I replied "yes, I do!" He then told me 4 more times how he disliked tomatoes, and then, once the tomatoes came out of the bag, I caught him repeatedly gauging one of them with two of his fingers.

"Oh. So, you like, HATE tomatoes, eh"

I took a picture with my new digital camera:
Image hosted by
My new camera is kind of magic, as it can actually capture thoughts as well. Very hi-tech, very expensive, and very rare is my camera. This picture was taken just after I caught the kid brutalizing my tomato and just before he snatched up a knife. Scary shit.

This kid used to be a regular at our school as well as his sister. Both joined summer classes this time around. He played the part of "psycho kid," and his sister acted brilliantly as a sullen middle school "I'd-rather-doodle-in-my-book-than-listen-to-you" snot. Perhaps psycho-tomato hater was just angry that his original teacher at our school gave him the English nickname "Cety," (pronounced "Seti.") I might be ticked off too.

There was some other drama at school today. I'm not privy to all the details, because my Korean is so crap, but apparently there is some misunderstanding about our dinner we had tonight. Originally it was planned for last Friday, but Judy backed out. The dinner was planned because we were having a conversation about cheap-o all-u-can-eat barbeque restaurants. One we've visited before downtown was fine by me, but it was dissed by the Korean teachers as "not delicious." Judy mentioned there was a good one near where she (and the boss) lives, in a neighbouring suburb. I said "well, LET'S GO!"

Elizabeth said "well, if we're going for dinner, let's go somewhere fancy, and Karen (the boss) will pay!" I was kind of horrified by this statement. Elizabeth's contention was that the neighbouring suburb was out of her way, and not worth going to for a 6,000 won meal. So she wasn't going to come. We changed to Wednesday, and I did tell Elizabeth about the change, but she expressed some annoyance that she wasn't included in the Wednesday plans. My thoughts, which I told her, was, "well, if you weren't going to come Friday, maybe they figured you weren't willing to come Wednesday either."

Today at school there was more drama. We were even willing to change locations to a restaurant near the school to suit Elizabeth, but she remembered she had to go to church. Still, she was unhappy at not being asked, or something. I'm not sure what the deal was, but I know she was unhappy.

During one of our 10 minute breaks, Karen called Elizabeth into another room, which almost never happens. I didn't know what they were talking about, but peeped into the window because I was a little curious. Ok, I'm nosy. What of it??!

Karen was speaking directly to Elizabeth with a smile on her face. She was sitting on Elizabeth's left. Elizabeth was staring straight ahead, not looking at Karen. I peeped in again a few moments later to confirm what I thought I'd witnessed. Yep. Elizabeth staring straight ahead, barely acknowledging Karen's presence, let alone words.

The next time I stole a look in, Elizabeth was hunched over in tears.

I still don't know what the deal is, but I do know Elizabeth is really super sensitive. I really felt bad for Karen, who is a very kind and generous person, which makes for a great boss.

I get pissed off at work sometimes. (Mostly when I'M feeling super sensitive, see: PMS) but I always am aware that it's nobody's INTENTION to piss me off. I'm lucky to work with such kind and fair women, even if their English is fairly crappy (keeping in mind they're TEACHERS.)

Anyhow, we went out for dinner, sans Elizabeth, who was busy at church NOT praying for me to have a truckload of cash. We had fun, and went afterwards to my boss's apartment for beer and conversation, but I think we all felt bad Elizabeth wasn't with us. We're just now writing quarterly reports, and Elizabeth doesn't do well with those either.

I wonder, can't we all just get along?

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