Saturday, September 24, 2005

Spill My Guts

Lately, I've been considering posting a "spill my guts" kind of Sunday post. I'm wondering if it might be cathartic. I'm also wondering if it might be lame. I'm wondering if I might have the courage to lay it all out there, not worrying about who might read it and who might get hurt in the process. Myself included.

I guess it might be interesting and I guess I might do it, but I think it might be painful.

I guess I'm wondering what the real point of A blog, MY blog, is. I want us all to be entertained almost all of the time, but I wonder how brutal it might be to get down to heart of the matter once in awhile.

People, what do you think?

It's just a thought. And requires more thinking,...but right now, I'm thinking "why the hell not?"

**Edit - I've just read this post in the sober light of day, and decided after reading my "spill-my-guts" post on Sundays, you should all come over to my place for a hootenany! No, a group hug! No, no, no, a CUDDLE PARTY!! Yeah!

It seems I've gone mental on account a' the kimchi! How's that for a confession?

What I'm meaning to say is: Sunday Night Blog Therapy? - Not going to happen. It's been cancelled due to sobriety.


Nomad said...

Hmmm...that's a tough one and I would say it totally depends on you. Some people are comfortable in baring their soul on their blogs and find it therapeutic in writing down their inner-most thoughts. The biggest problem I can think of is in how many people you personally know that read your blog - are you comfortable in posting something you may not say to them in person?
Again, it's up to you. I'm more of an introvert and a very private person so I don't do a lot of personal posting over at my blog.

Jelly said...

Hi Nomad!
I think you're right. I get some pretty stupid ideas after a few beers. Actually, not too many people I know read this blog. I've only told one of my friends about it (Goldie) and I don't think he even bothers to check it, because I don't see any comments from him.
He would probably laugh his ass off at the idea of a Sunday night confessional, and call me a "lame-o" or something more profane.
Did you do any fishing today? How's your knee?

Nomad said...


I wouldn't call it a stupid idea. People find different ways to let it all out and you have to find the one that works for you and that you're comfortable with. If you haven't guessed by now, for me it's fishing because I can get away from everything and everyone for a few hours. Solitude is the best therapy I've found so far. Being able to combine that with an activity I love (fishing) gets me double bonus points.
As for your blog, you'd probably be surprised who's reading. The majority don't like leaving comments though, which is ok, unless you're blogging to get comments.

spark said...

cuddles are cool.

Kevin said...

Bare it all, I say!


Joel said...

If you're looking for comments there is nothing like a rant to bring them out. Because someone is bound to disagree with you.

John McCrarey said...

Well, since you have already nixed the idea my point is now pointless (which it may have been regardless). Anyway, a blog is what you make it. I personally find those folks with the courage to bare their soul quite intersting and worthy of respect. I know when Kevin was going through some changes a few months back his words really resonated with me and gave me insights in dealing with my own issues. So, catharisis (sp?) can also be a public service.

My blog is in a semi-hiatis stage as I have been too self-absorbed to even share what I have been doing or thinking about. Partly because I don't want to worry friends and family back home, and maybe because I have gotten into a pretty mundane routine. Hell, I could just be lazy! In the early days I wrote a lot about US politics, but the longer I am here the less connected I feel to the issues in my homeland. When my relationship hit the rocks I wrote some cryptic stuff about that which upset some people, but what I found very comforting were the kind words of strangers letting me know they cared and that I would get through this. That cyber connection with people is what I find most satisfying about the blog world.

I'll end this ramble by saying this: you need to write for yourself, not your audience. As I've said, I really enjoying what you've chosen to share (today's post about the outing with the kids was fun to read) so just write what's in your heart and share what you are comfortable sharing. Just keep writing!

Nomad said...


Good comment(s). Heh, you've only been here, what...6 or 7 months? Now try to imagine what it'd be like if you were away from the states since 1993 :).

Jelly said...

Hi Nomad!

John: Now that you've imagined being away from the States since 1993, take some time to imagine that you are a little girl in Argetina, and you're angry because your brother keeps stealing your dolls.


Hey thanks for the input fellas. I may very well just spill guttage from time to time, but decided if I did so it would be when the mood struck me, rather than feeling the pressure to have to create and emote every Sunday.

I really do appreciate the comments though...

Hey Joel, if someone disagrees with me, I think I'd prefer a spanking to a comment.