Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Speaking of Chow

There are some strange combinations in food here, especially when it's Koreans doing their version of a Western standard. I've can't understand potato sandwiches, or potatoes on pizza, for that matter. You can't get a pizza here that doesn't come with a side of sweet pickles. Why do they go together? The other day, when I took some kids to a buffet restaurant, they had a chocolate fondue there. Groovy! 2 of the 8 choices of things to skewer, though, were cherry tomatoes and cloves of roasted garlic. Odd.

I really don't understand, though, how every time I buy a French baguette from the neighbourhood bakery, I get a container of whipped cream. I've never been to France, but is this how things are being done there these days?


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Kevin said...

re: pickles

The theory I heard was that, when Koreans eat Western food, they want some side dish that resembles kimchi in terms of tang and crunch. One kimchi surrogate appears to be pickles. Whether most Koreans believe this, I have no clue, but the person who presented the theory was herself Korean.