Monday, May 08, 2006


Often, when you go out for a few pints here, you are required to order something to eat, otherwise known as "anjou." I like nibbles, but sometimes feel bad about HAVING to order something, especially after I've just had dinner. When my friends were here from Japan awhile back we had a hard time finding a place to have some drinks where we didn't have to order food. We were so stuffed from dinner we couldn't eat any more, and didn't want to pay for food that was just going to sit there.

But, you know, nibbles are good if you're not ram-jam full of a delicious meal! The other night we went out and had a small bit of spicy grilled meat with some soju. Next we visited a cool "hof" (bar) and this is what we got in the way of anjou:
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It's a torn up squid, some fleshy slices of chewy fish, and some peanuts!
Mmmmmm! You know you've been in Korea awhile if you think squid dipped in spicy red sauce pairs very well with a frosty pint!

The bar we were at had a funky ceiling going on as well.
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Rory said...

I could actually go some squid jerky right now...