Saturday, May 06, 2006

WCB 48 - Revenge of the Kitty

It's been POURING all day here, and Kamikaze and I have enjoyed an assortment of naps together. Some were all cuddled up. I love it when he lets me "spoon" him. Others were more separate, but it usually ends up one part of either of us is touching another. Sometimes I hold his paw. Other times he presses his cat butt up against me. Most often his tail is slapping me on the shoulder or the nose. He makes a good sleeping partner.

In this pic. I told him we were both going on diets.
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He looks shocked, eh?

Later, in rebellion, he turned on his laser beam eyes and zapped a giant hole in my stomach.
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Now dieting will be easy, I'll eat the food and it'll travel down my esophogas and just fall out the space where my mid-section used to be!

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captain_howdy_girl said...

Kamikaze is freakin huge!

I will spoon Pepper when she is falling asleep, but mostly we just go with the back touching back, under cover, share the pillow position.
Heidi is too good to sleep with us

Clare Eats said...

I wont even tell you where Kiri likes to lie..... LOLOLOL :)

Lisa said...

Heavens! I thought our Georgie was humongous, but Kamikaze is...a bit larger, I'd say! Cheers, LM

Laurence said...

What a weird shot! Can I add this to the COTC gallery? Let me know. Thanks, -ls

s'kat said...

I'm dying! Hee-hee, at least you will have a workout partner. ;)

Jelly said...

Sure, Laurence!

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

My cats have taken over the bed...but only on MY side! Sometimes I have to sleep like a pretzel so I don't disturb them!
Kamikaze is a Big'un, but that just means that there is more to love :)

linda said...

LOL, pure skinny kitty, being forced into a diet...Okay, maybe not so skinny.

sher said...

LOL!! That picture of him is hilarious. Are you really putting him on a diet? Boy, that is no fun. I had to do that with one of my cats and she made my life a living hell! And it was a very gradual diet too. But, she acted like I was trying to kill her. Kami is so cute!!!!

Captain Mojo said...

Boy, I bet that adorable big cat keeps you warm!
My Mojo likes to, from the floor, start crawing up under the covers, and then she tunnels her way next to me.
Cats make good sleeping partners!

Jelly said...

I am really trying to put him on a diet, but it's not much fun. He moves closer and closer to his empty dish until he's lying with his head in it. If I get anywhere near him he stands up expectantly. FEED ME, WOMAN!