Friday, May 19, 2006


Many people overseas create blogs as a means to connect them to loved ones back home. I think that's great. However, I created mine just as a way to write. I tend to be in my head A LOT. This here blog is a good way to expel my demons, and I don't even use it as effectively as I could. If I did, I would fucking swear a hell of a lot more than I do in my posts. Just so you know. My internal dialogue is filled with expletives. I may or may not have tourettes.

Point being, I haven't given out my blog addy to many people I know. Actually - I can count them on one hand, and I might as well call them out here. My blog's a year old, and it's had over 10,000 hits. So I call upon my asshole friends who check in infrequently if at all. (Don't worry about the name calling, they know I love them, and they also know what I say is TRUE.) So, Goldie in Egypt, Laura in Japan, Jacob in Toronto, Stacey in St. Catharines,...bring it in the comments section. (Watch,....there will be zero comments to this post.)

I haven't given my address out because when I have given it, it has produced minimal response. My bitterness may or not be expanded upon in a near future post. (In the meantime, "SCREW YOU IGNORERS!") It doesn't matter, because they won't read this.

But my friend who MIGHT read this (we'll see) is a guy who should get his blogging ass online pronto, because there's deals to be had, and he's a very talented dude. I've pimped his site beforehand, but I will do again. He's a talented writer/director/actor/producer/dancer/clown-mime/fellow/what not, and if he doesn't leave a comment, he's also an ass.

But buy his movies anyways.
They're good.
(And I'm going to write a screenplay he's going to make, only he doesn't know it right now. Yet, I swear, he's going to be compelled.)


John McCrarey said...

Well, what the hell. Those other assholes may not leave a comment, but I sure as fuck will.

Jenn, you are a daily read for me. I don't usually comment because I assumed you could see me nodding my head approvingly. Right?

Jelly said...

Ha! Thanks John! You're a daily "stop by" for me as well! I'd like to say READ, but you don't update as much as I want.

I DO see your head nodding through my magic Romper Room Mirror, but I thought you were just listening to some tunes!

John McCrarey said...

Wow. I haven't thought of Romper Room and that scary magic mirror for I don't know how many years. Thanks, I may start reliving those childhood nightmares all over again...

Do be a doobee, right?