Sunday, May 28, 2006

WCB 51 Bubbles

I missed last weekend's WCB because Kamikaze used his laser eyes to zap my camera, and then my computer. Diets make him so cranky!

Anyhow, I like to blow bubbles off my balcony and then hide. I bought this jar of "Gazillion Bubbles," and it really does produce a mess of bubbles. People downstairs in the parking lot go a bit mental trying to avoid them. I hide upstairs and laugh, but Kamikaze tries to give me away, meowing loudly and angrily.

To him, bubbles are pure evil. It makes him especially irate when they dare to land on his precious fur.
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He turns on his laser eyes and zaps them, but ends up zapping me and everything around him in the process. I, and my apartment, are FULL of holes.
Yah! That's it! Get the bubble, Baby!
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Stupid bubbles!

For many more tails of kitties who may or may not hate bubbles, visit Eat Stuff for the Weekend Cat Blogging Update!


Shannon said...

The bubbles in that second photo are so cool! They look unreal.

harlemgrrl said...

greetings from new york, and the home of another person "on staff" to a fat black kitty :)

just wanted to say that i really enjoy your blog and (at 38) have empathy for the baby thing w/your mom...

sher said...

Well, I imagine that Kami worries that the bubbles will burst and get gooey stuff all over his gorgeous coat. Have you ever made those really huge bubbles? That's something to see.

Clare Eats said...

I am so sorry for laughing *zap* kamikaze
oh no I think * zap* *singe* he got me

boo_licious said...

Kamikaze sure has "kitty powers"! I'm feeling zapped too....from those lazer eyes.

Anonymous said...

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