Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Writhe

Another trip to the doctor, another ass injection, another day spent almost wholly horizontal. Pain makes me very sleepy.

I wonder if my unhappiness at not being able to function properly is seeping out into the vicinity. This morning I was awakened by some violent noises coming from the apartment next door. Loud crashing on that scale couldn't be good, and I finally stuck my head out to have a look at what was going on. I'm unsure what was taking place but I think it was some kind of eviction. Either that, or it is the worst moving company around. About 5 men were tossing things over the back balcony - sending everything smashing to the parking lot below. Most were heavy canvas bags, but there was also quite a bit of furniture: desk, wooden bedframe, computer chair, mattress. Most of it smashed into smithereens upon impact with he asphalt below. Then guys down in the parking lot were tossing everything into the back of a pickup truck.

I came across a similar scene just yesterday, where it looked like the entire contents of an apartment had exploded into a vacant lot behind the building. There was a pathetic looking wooden sign plunged into the dirt with a message in Korean and a telephone number. A crowd of people and a couple of policemen stood around looking at the mess.

It is the beginning of the month. Is this how people get evicted here? I don't know.

Otherwise, I was just awoken again by what sounds like a very very drunk man in the apartment below - and now in the parking lot out front, freaking out. I think he's screaming into his cellphone, but I can't tell. Maybe he's just screaming at the voices in his head.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. It concerns me that the 18 pills a day I'm taking are only minimally reducing the pain in my back and legs. I totally freaked myself out this morning reading about herniated discs online. My doctor dissuaded me from going to a BIG hospital, saying I would be ok after awhile. He didn't even look at my back. For all he knows, I could be carrying the remains of a malformed triplet back there, all small bones and teeth, impinging on my spinal column.


Kirk said...

Hi Jenn - Woa - don't mess with back pain.....take it easy and get some rest.

captain_howdy_girl said...

I'm so sorry. I wish you felt better. I hope the pills help soon