Friday, May 12, 2006

Say My Name

I don't know why, but I'm exhausted. The past few nights I come home, crawl into bed and sleep for about 2 or 3 hours, crawl out for a little bit and maybe eat something, and then crawl back in for another 8 hours or so. I'm too lazy to even wrap the packages I should have sent out weeks ago, or finish the bloody letter I started writing just after New Years. Over 5 months to finish a letter. How lame is that?

Joel has a day off on Monday. I don't know why he does, but it makes me want to go to my boss and say, "Look, man,...this other guy I know of has a day off. He "teaches" English, and I "teach" English, so why does he have a day off and I don't? GIMME A DAY OFF!!"

It's silly, too, considering I only taught 2 days out of 5 last week. But, (and I say this with my best impersonation of my over-the-top whiny students) I'm tiiiiiiired. I need a remote control for my students. Volume down juseyo. Why must they scream everything? Why can't they just say my name? Actually, in Canada a total of ZERO people call me "Jenny." I'm so GLAD for it too, because I think after these past 2 years of having been called that, I'd rather not hear it ever again. It is almost always screamed, whined, sing-songed, or repeated over and over and over at me. It makes me crazy. I've actually told my students, "Listen, kids. My name is 'Jenny.' It's not JEEENNNNNNY, it's not JEnny, JEnny, JEnny, JEnny, it's not JEH-NEEEEE, and jeeze, it's certainly not "TEA-CHA!!!!"

I'm going back home soon to the land where my name is Jenn. Say it, Canada. Say my name. Yah, baby. Say it like you love me.

If/when I come back to Korea, or go somewhere else for another teaching gig, I will introduce myself as Monica, and then ignore everyone trying to get Monica's attention.

I've always wanted to meet and fall in love with a man with the family name "Vader." We will have twins, Darth and Ella.


captain_howdy_girl said...

I used to be like that, I had a B12 deficiency.
I don't know your health care situation but if you can have it checked without too much money do so. They will give you a shot once a month. Now, me on the other had I hate shots so I take 1000 mg of B12 pill form, when I can afford it. When you buy the vits it comes in 100 mg (useless) and 1000 mg which costs more for obvious reasons.
But seriously, I was sleeping 15 hrs a day

sher said...

I have been nearly comatose for the last week--but that's due to my birds waking me up at the crack of dawn, SCREAMING, until I stagger out of bed. And it doesn't help matters that I rarely get to bed before 1:00 am. Oh, I feel for you--with the screaming name thing. Monica, Monica!! Listen--I don't think there are any men with the last name Vader. Or maybe I'm wrong? :):):)

Joel said...

Monday is Educators' Day in Jeonbuk Province. It's also teachers day, which isn't really a holiday, but just a coincidence. Most of the schools in the province rest on Educators' Day so we talked our boss into letting us have it off too.