Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Normally right now I'd be teaching two little kids some phonics. One of them would be the stellar little genius she is, and the other would be colouring all the pictures in his book red with flames spurting everywhere.

As it is, I have the day off. Yah, baby!

Last night was fun. We went to a restaurant that had a floor comprised of rocks and you sit on plastic stools at a table that looks like a steel drum. The waitress takes your order and then comes back with heavy tongs holding a container that houses red hot coals. She inserts it into the middle of the table and places a grill on top and you cook your meat yourself. When it's all ready, you place it atop a lettuce or sesame leaf, then add some onions soaked in vinegar and wasabi, a slice of raw garlic, some red pepper paste, roll it up, and pop it in your mouth. Deeeeelicious. I'll upload a photo tomorrow when I'm back at work.

I should have taken a photo of the traditional squatty toilets out back. After you've finished your business, you exit the washroom and go outside to a huge blue vat filled with water, grab a bucketfull and throw it down the toilet. There's no flushy handle!

At a table nearby, there were four men getting sloshed on soju. I wasn't at all surprised by the shock registered on their face to be dining with a foreigner in their presence. I'm used to that by now. But one of them kept craning his head around and when he'd catch my eye he'd give me an aggressive jerk of his head - like "what?" Finally I said, "Now you're just being fuckin' RUDE!" The kind restaurant man hurried over to the dude and swivelled him around in his chair and admonished him, while my date shifted his stool so the guy was blocked from my line of vision.

My man's a gentleman, and I dig it.

The restaurant man came over to apologize, and I smiled and said everything was fine, and the food was delicious. He said he'd seen me around before. I know he has, as I sometimes visit the Family Mart right next door and the smell from his BBQ restaurant permeates the convenience store. I wonder how the workers can stand it, it smells so good!

Smoky deliciousness!

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