Friday, October 26, 2007


Today I skipped merrily to work like I do every day. Tra la la! My "outside dogs" Buddy - The Good Boy and Circle Gay fell in step around the usual spot and followed me to school. When we three arrived, I stepped inside and grabbed some sausages I had in the fridge for them. Circle Gay gobbled his up loudly, and Buddy, being the more elegant of the two, stepped on the wiener with one paw and took dainty little bites. I noticed that there was a black rock about the size of my thumb nail on the ground between the two of them. I didn't think much of it. So the boys finished up their snack and I told them bye-bye and I went to prepare for the day.

Somehow the rock moved into the lobby, which I discovered when I returned from the washroom down the hall and stepped on it.
It wasn't a rock!

No, it wasn't. But it exploded, the rock did, when I stepped on it - and it was filled with BLOOD! Thick dark red blood.

It was a tick.
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I've never seen one before, but figured that's what it had to have been - and sure enough, a quick google confirmed it. Gross.
I don't know which dog it came off of either, but I spent the day being soooooooo itchy and wanting to puke.
POP! Gush!


Tanya said...

Gross!! It fell off one of the dogs... they must be infested with ticks. But I'm glad you stepped on it. I'd want to go take a bath afterward!

sher said...

YIKES!!!!! Poor dogs! Poor you! (I don't care about the tick.)