Sunday, July 02, 2006

Face Update (Fear Me Still)

I'm healing, but I still look evil. So you should still fear me.
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The blood in my eyes makes me look sinister.
If you're new here, and you're curious as to what made me look so evil (read: why I'm an idiot) go !here.

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My evil face has brought a new level of classroom management though. Maybe all teachers should consider sporting Phantom Menace eyes.
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It seems like the lump on my head has just started to decrease a little bit. But it's increased in bruiseiness colour. I don't mind, though. I like the lessening of pressure in my forehead.

This week goes down as one of the suckiest weeks in my life. Suck-o-rama. If you're at all interested in weeks that sucked more, leave a comment and I'll tell you a tale.

Or just keep on fearing me!


Sherri said...

OMG! Please tell me you're doing ok, I don't know the specifics, but you look like you've been through hell.

otilius said...

ouch! get well soon...take care

Jelly said...

I'm ok. Truly, it looks a lot worse than it feels. I'd have to say the damage is mostly to my psyche. Otherwise all is cool. (Except I scare little children.)
I know I look like hell. Or a representative of hell.
Even so, I smile.

Joanna said...

What happend to your face?

sher said...

I hope each day you make amzing leaps and bounds, so that you look like your old self as soon as possible. I've fallen several times this year, tripping over things too. It sucks!!!!!

G. M. Ballack said...

Holy geez. When I first saw these pictures, I thought you were up to some early Halloween gig or something.

hardyandtiny said...

Holy - fucking - shit. Your nose is broken. You didn't realize? Wow, please stay home and take it easy. How far did you fall?

hardyandtiny said...

Hey, you love your cat and you didn't want it hurt. I understand that completely! I have had dogs that I would have pushed away from danger knowing it would have killed me. You did the right thing. You took the hit instead of squashing the cat. God Bless ya!

John said...

i must be such a goth -_-
i think you look cool like this... why doesnt my cat trip me up dammit!?!?!?!

The Poo said...

I was just looking for a scary clown face to frighten my friend with (cruel, moi? Non!) and your picture came up! lol Hope you had a quick recovery from your fall, I see it was some time ago.