Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Hits Just Keep on Coming

Yesterday, with an arm full of laundry, I tripped over Kamikaze. He jumped up and I stumbled, trying not to fall on him as he was all tangled up with my feet. But I did fall (not ON him thankfully, but) on my forehead. I must've whacked my nose pretty good too, as I had quite a nosebleed. I may have broken it.

Within a few minutes I had a pretty good sized knot on my forehead and the start of a black eye. Since then, both my eyes have swollen up and are a deep dark purple colour. It looks AWFUL - like perhaps I was in a car accident. I forgot my camera downtown, but I'll take pictures tomorrow.

Meanwhile C. came over last night. (When he arrived I only had one black eye, but after watching 2 DVDs the left one was well on its way to post-Apollo Creed Rocky-Eye as well.)
"Hey Jenny, you know a panda?"
"You are panda."
"Shut up, man."
"Ha ha ha."
"Yah, you are China Bear."


Kevin said...

I hope you didn't break your nose!

Get thee to a hospital!


Jelly said...

Huh, ya.
From what I've read on the net, there's not much a hospital can do if I broke my nose. My head hurts, but my eyes are just really more very uncomfortable than anything.

I called my boss to let her know, and she suggests I wear some sunglasses tomorrow. I don't think I can do that anyhow (even if I could find my sunglasses) because I dont think I can put contacts in with my eyes being as they are. Wait til you see pictures, it's so sick!

Jelly said...

As time sneaks by, my eyes get uglier and I'm feeling less and less ok. I shouldn't be allowed out of my apartment, let alone have to teach kids. I think looking at me is going to upset them. It's upsetting me.
I'll go to the doctor tomorrow.
#$%@@%# x18

SweetSarahJ said...

Hope you feel better!

sher said...

Ack!!!! I thought I was the only one who tripped over cats! Good grief! I hope you are feeling a little better. Poor Kami, he must be consumed with guilt. No? Oh well.

John said...

i know its insensitive, but lol

John said...

i know its insensitive, but lol