Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Trails

It felt so strange after New Years not being able to visit The Nomad, who I can't even link to now, since his blog has gone all opseyo. He updated regularly and I tended to visit him at least a couple times a day. Then suddenly he said goodbye and the curtains fell on his site.

I won't lie, it plunged me into a spiral of sadness and grief that had me drinking every night and most mornings. And crying. Oi! The crying!

Well,...maybe it wasn't that bad,...but still. I miss him.

If that wasn't hard enough, now another friend of mine has put his blog to bed. Kevin, aka The Big Hominid (or Big Ho') is moving on to greener pastures. Greener ones and flat ones and hills and highways and roadkill and rainstorms and sunrises and rocks and trees and stars and passersby in luxury cars.

Kevin's setting off on a Walk Across America (can you even handle that? I can't) and he's leaving Korea in a very short while to start a new and wildly interesting and ambitious endeavour. He'll be keeping things treading over at his new site, Kevin's Walk which is fairly quiet right now.

I'm selfish, and I wish Kevin hadn't closed up shop so soon and so abruptly. I was so keen to hear how his last few days in Korea (for this time around anyhow) are going to go, and how it's going to be like packing up his multi year's worth of things and saying "so long" to his students, co-workers and friends. Maybe he'll let us know on Kevin's Walk. I hope so.

Still, it feels super weird now. Nomad and BigHo were my go-to blogs. Now what've I got? Nothing!

Nothing but this big bottle of gin and my salty tear stained cheeks.

Happy trails and all my best wishes, Kevin. I'm keeping my eye, flooded bloodshot eye,...on you. xo


Kevin said...

Sincere thanks for the tribute. I'll be posting pics of the trip prep over at Kevin's Walk, and once the Walk itself begins in earnest, you can expect a bundle of posts over there. Not daily posts, perhaps, but the blogging will be fairly regular.

Like my bowels.


rwellor said...

I have the same reaction.. now it's down to Marmot's Hole for the "sure to have a new and socially interesting post" type of Korean expat blog..

Plenty of other good ones (yours included) but I will miss Kevin terribly...

Nomad said...


I know this isn't even remotely close to what you were used to, but if you want a bit of nostalgia, along with some fishing action, I did start a new blog that's entirely dedicated to, you guessed it, fishing over here in Korea.

sher said...

The image of you with the big bottle of gin makes me think of you as Bridget Jones!!!